Win The Morning Win The Day

How you start your day will ultimately determine how your day goes. Was it a bad day? Was it a good day? Did you Win the Day!? I’m sure we have all had those days where we woke up feeling like a million dollars! Those days typically turn out to be pretty good days.

We also have had those mornings that don’t start out so well. For some people, this is the norm more than not. Maybe we didn’t get enough sleep, we had a disagreement with our significant other or child the night before, maybe business isn’t doing so well, worrying about bills or an illness.

Regardless of how you feel when you wake up, you have the power to change that feeling. By starting your day off with a win, you can win the day. Be starting your day with a win you are setting yourself up physiologically to have a better outlook on your day thus a better outcome.

It has been scientifically proven that if you have a better outlook on your day, the more present you will be and as opportunity arises, you will have a better chance of seizing the moment! You will also create your own opportunities.

It’s really simple, just do that thing you’ve been wanting to do first thing in the morning, BEFORE you start your day.  In some cases, it could be as simple as making your bed, or going for a morning walk with the dog or going to the gym, reading for 45 minutes…etc. Whatever it is DO IT!

Set the goal the night before. While laying in bed imagine yourself getting up and doing that thing. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Start out with something small then build on that momentum. By accomplishing what you set out to do in the morning you now feel accomplished throughout the rest of the day.

Here is a list of things that I do in the morning BEFORE I start my day.

  • Elevate Smart Coffee
  • Make My Bed
  • Exercise / Yoga
  • Set My Intentions
  • Meditation
  • Watch a Motivational Video

Some days I am not able to get through the entire list, but I always make sure I do at least 2 of the items that I consider the most important for me, my Elevate Smart Coffee and making my bed. By completing those 2 things it helps me to get a few more items on the list done, like exercise, meditation and setting my Intentions. By doing a few thing from the list, it creates a snowball effect.

Hopefully this helps you to Win your Morning and WIN the Day!