Nootropics and How They Work

I became interested in nootropics after I started using a product that is infused with natural and botanical ingredients that were known to be or have nootropic properties. After experience a heightened focus, clarity, motivation and just more awareness, I decided to do a little research to learn more about this topic. Here is are some of the things I learned.

The term nootropics refers to a group of supplements or drugs that enhance mental functions and give cognitive benefits to the brain. Some of these benefits include improved cognitive function like, memory enhancement, improved attention span, increased creativity, focus, mood, and motivation. They are also referred to as cognitive enhancers, brain boosters or smart drugs.

The Origin of Nootropics

The word “nootropic” was coined from the Greek word “noos” meaning the “mind” and “tropein” which means “toward” by a Romanian doctor named Corneliu E. Giurgea.


According to him, in order for a substance to be termed a nootropic, it must meet five important criteria which are:

  • It must enhance memory and learning ability.
  • They should enhance the brain’s resistance of learned behaviors and memory to conditions that would disrupt them.
  • They should protect the brain from chemical or physical assaults.
  • It must be virtually non-toxic and possess little or no side effects.
  • Finally, it must increase the efficacy of neuronal firing control mechanisms in cortical and sub-cortical regions of the brain.

Nootropics fall into two different categories namely;

  • The Synthetic or Man-made such as Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, Pramiracetam and Phenylpiracetam, which all share the same chemical structure.
  • Natural Herbals such as ginseng, cordyceps, Guduchi, butterfly pea, luobuma, ashwagandha, etc.

Another subset  is derived from nature but are made available through specific processes in the laboratory.

Examples of such nootropics are; Caffeine, Huperzine-A, Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, and 5-HTP.

How Nootropics Work?


Our brain is a series of neuropathways that are constantly firing or communicating with each other. Essentially your brain is like your power plan for the rest of your body and its functions.  The better the connection or communication between these neurons, the better the outcome or the more optimal your body functions.

Nootropics help to create a better “link” or connection in these neuropathways

Here is a list of natural nootropics that are infused in our product:

  1. L – Theanine
  2. Alpha – GPC
  3. PEA (Phenylethylamine)
  4. Juglans Regis Extract

Why should I consider using nootropics?

Why not!

If using nootropics can improve the communication in your brain to better analysis information that being passed through your neurotransmitters improving the way your brain and body functions, again, why not!

I call this the unfair advantage! Improving your memory, creativity, alertness, motivation and perception are just a few of the advantages of using nootropics. There are also numerous health advantages.

So, incorporating nootropics in to your daily routine is definitely going to give you an edge!

How would like to “experience” the nootropic “advantage?

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