Elepreneur Compensation Plan

First and foremost, the thing that “got me” when I looked at the Elepreneur opportunity was the PRODUCT! We like to say, “Let the Coffee do the talking”. I my mind, it’s just that freak-in good! Secondly, the Elepreneur Compensation Plan ROCKS!

I’ve been in the Network Marketing Industry for the last 9 years. In those 9 years I’ve been with the same company, so I’ve not seen a lot of different compensation plans. I’ve has the good fortune to reach a decent level with that company. Enough to understand some of the flaws in the comp plan that are the norm in ALL network marketing comp plans.

Elepreneur Compensation Plan – Changing an Industry

When I was first exposed to the Elepreneur business model and compensation plan it was explained to me that this was a comp plan designed to address all the issue when you look at the Network Marketing industry. Things like, leg requirements, breakage, being blocked from income due to someone on your team doing better than you. This was (and is) truly a comp plan where EVERYONE can WIN!

OK so what makes the Elepreneur comp plan so different? You don’t need all the “leg requirements” to get paid and you can NEVER be blocked from your income! That’s HUGE! You can literally be 1 and done! Let’s dive in and I’ll show how the Elepreneur comp plan works.

Let’s say you go out and recruit 1 Elepreneur in your business. You will now earn a 22% check match on the 1 Elepreneur. So, let’s say that person earned $100.00 you would earn $22.00

Let’s say you recruited another Elepreneur, so now you have 2, your check match now is 44% on your first 2. So again, if they each earned $100.00 each your check would be ($44.00 x 2) $88.00.

Now you enroll your 3rd Eleprenuer, your check match is 66% PLUS you now “un-lock” a 20% commission on that Elepreneur and ALL other Elepreneurs that you enroll (outside your 2 best)! So, on that same $100.00 match would be $66.00 x 2 (your first 2 Elepreneurs) $132.00.

Here is an illustration to further breakdown the income portion of the compensation plan.

Elepreneur Compensation Plan

Elepreneur Compensation Plan

Elepreneur Compensation Plan

So, let’s say ALL 5 Elepreneurs went out and duplicated and add a minimum there 5 Elepreneurs. In that case on your 3 level you would be looking at 375 Elepreneurs and approximately $6000.00 in monthly residual income!

So, the key here is to keep to keeping the Elepreneur compensation plan simply. Basically, your earning 20% on your personal Smart Ships AND 20% on your Elepreneurs first 2 on their team.

Also, you are earning a 110% check match on your 2 best earners!

Again, you can NEVER be blocked from your income in the Elepreneur compensation plan!

There additional pieces to the income and benefits you can receive that we will cover in future articles.

The bottom-line is that the Elepreneur Compensation Plan is truly one of a kind and is a game changer in the Network Marketing industry!

If your interested in learning more about our opportunity you can click the link below and I will contact you directly to answer any questions and get you whatever information you need.

More Information

You can also watch an recorded overview on my Youtube channel. The Elepreneur compensation plan starts at 28:20 minutes.

Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwyKAPqgSMQ